Crime Writers Week Day 1


We kicked off with Leigh Russell. A lady who first got published in 2009 and now has 25 books out and a contract for four more. She spoke of her experiences with setting/structure/plot and characters. It was an interesting hour, getting her perspectives and a few questions answered. She has 89 more question available at Facebook on the pro writing aid hosted group. 

There was a brief mention that Leigh doesn't use an outline. Me neither. I posted this on Twitter, this afternoon

I'm a discovery writer.

I can't stick to my outline.

An outline is a lighted highway from point A to point B.

Usually I veer off at the nearest exit. The dark and unlit road offers tastes unexplored.

#writer #marketing #writing #writerslife  

An astute viewer commented that 'pantsers' (I say, Discovery Writers--it's more eloquent) outline in their head as they go along. I can't say that's wrong. I usually play out a scene in my head while walking the dogs. While the idea is fresh, I get home and switch on the computer. It usually expands from brain to fingers (that's the rewrite done lol). 

What are you?

Discovery or Outliner (planner who knows exactly what is going to happen, when it will happen, and where it will happen)? 

Let me know. 



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