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Hello all,

I'm debating on whether or not to us a pen name for my crime novels. You see, way back in 2001 when I made my first sale, I used the name Richard Lee ( In 2009 a publisher of my second novel, The Last Church convinced me to use my real name. Although I announced the name change to my massive Ning group, MySpace and Twitter, not a lot of people took notice and The Last Church didn't sell as well as it should have with the Richard Lee brand. I had no idea about branding back then. Now, I do. In 2015, I returned to write under the Richard Lee brand and some comments I got were:

I wondered what happened to you.
Welcome back, Dude. 
Missed you.
Are you still writing?

My books now sell in several languages. Richard Lee wrote horror and science fiction (usually blended together). 

Now that I'm writing crime, ( I decided to switch to my real name, and start crime fiction branding (no idea how to do that). But, now I'm thinking that a pen name would be in order. What if I become super famous? So whacko could easily track me down, like they do with some YouTube content creators. 

So, I need your help. I've come up with a list of names. Which ones do you think are best?

Blogger doesn't do polls, maybe I need some add on. Oh well.

1. Lee Kingsman

2. Lee Yates

3. Lee Webb

4. Lee Kain

5. Lee Feron

6. Hunter Stone

7. Clive Maxwell

8. Quinn Mathis 

That's the list. What do you think sounds the best? 

Or do you have a better suggestion? I'm all ears. 



  1. From this list I'd go for Lee Kingsman.

    1. Thanks for the vote. It is one of my three favorites.


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