Sometimes you gotta stop

I've been going over my book a lot. It is after all my first Crime Thriller. I wrote a new beginning, showing our hero doing normal world stuff, added a few paragraphs here and there to refresh memories of absent characters that will reappear. It's been edited, reedited and pro(?)-edited. Rewritten, added to and cut. 

There comes a time when you have to just let it be. 

Send that kid out into the world. Even though it's book 1 of 2, it has to fly on it's own merit as a complete stop with one hell of a cliffhanger. 

I have spent the morning looking for an assessor to go through the book and while that is happening, I can get a head start on book 2. In fact, I've already started doing that. 

Scrivener was my writing app of choice for a long time. But my old 2gb MacbookAir can't support version 3, so instead of using version 2.9 (really slow on my Mac), I have decided to use online writing apps, so I can write from anywhere on any available machine.  

I rewrote the opening to Death World using that was pretty good. However, as I started to write book 2, I feared the site might disappear. Sites come and go. So, I needed something secure and reliable that's been around for a long time. Also, The Quill doesn't have any contact details. No email or anything. 


Now, I am using Reedsy I recommend the site. It's simple to use. You cam collaborate. Find an editor. Many things. Even publish through their partner. I won't as I'm looking for a traditional publisher. Easy access is easy to hire an editor. 


UPDATE 2019 / SEPT / 23

I now write in Pages. 

And edit on OneDrive Word. (So I can edit on multiple devices.) 



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