Miss me?

Did you miss me?

Probably not, judging by the amount of comments I get.  LOL

I must apologize for not being on here as much as I should, I've been fuck-arse busy with work, my own mini school here in Japan and editing Death World. Not going as fast as I'd like. Also, I'm searching for an online place to write instead of using my trusted scrivener as I now write in two or three locations with my Mac (11 years old), desktop (at home) and the work laptop (a low-end Dell--cheap bastards. It died on the second day, and I only used it for a few hours). The Quill looks great but no prices have yet been supplied.

Some monthly subscription fees are sky-high.
Some of the free ones are dodgy i.e. the blog hasn't been updated in a few years. I can't trust that my work would be safe there.

I know use Goggle Docs, or ZOHO docs, or even, Readsy.
And I've used all of them, and Word, also Word Online (not 365).
ZOHO was the best. Reminded me a little of Pages.

So, yes, I could use them. But I like new things, or new ways of doing things.
I have an idea of where to start for Death World 2.
Holy shit, that sentence brought a flood of ideas. I just wrote down the best on a sticky note and placed it under the desktop notepad's plastic sheet.

Best investment ever.

UPDATE: I have been using The Quill for a few months now and it saves well and is distraction free writing. It's great. 


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