Crime writers week round up

It was brilliant. I think they are planning a horror week next. 

Some of the days recorded events can be found on YouTube. 

Day 2: Of the three events, one 2 were of interest. As I had work the next morning, I watched the replays and really enjoyed "editing with ProWritingAid", although I have edited a book with the program there seems to be more options that I wasn't aware of how to use. 

Day 3:  On this day, I only wanted to see: Thriller Writer Panel Discussion (12 PM ET / 5 PM UK). And it was a real blast. Some insightful thoughts and a barrel of laughs. 

Day 4: There were 5 events. I wanted to see all of them but missed a couple (lucky there were all recorded and placed online). I did see: How to Market Your Self-Published Crime Novel. I'm not planning of self publishing but still got a few good tips/ideas. 

The Interview with Fiona Cummins was great as well. I especially liked (and can relate to) her editor asking if she was writing crime or a horror. She said, crime and was faced with 9 chapters rewritten.

Day 5 was only for premium users of ProWritingAid. That's me.

The Three Stages of Editing Your Crime Manuscript 

Presented by: Hayley Milliman, ProWritingAid's Head of Education

As nice as it would be, writing your crime novel isn’t over when you type "The End." In fact, the actual work is just beginning. During the editing process, your novel will go from rough first draft to thrilling final manuscript. In this workshop, Hayley will walk you through the most important edits you should make to your manuscript to ensure it’s publish-ready.

And I ended with: An interview with Peter James. Peter James has become synonymous with plot-twisting page-turners, and has won over 40 awards for his work and achieved 17 Sunday Times Bestsellers to date. Learn from the master what it takes to write gripping crime novels that keep readers hooked.

Slightly geeking out. I loved Host. He spoke of how his first four published books barely sold. And he kept working a full time job. Then he wrote a crime novel and started living the dream. I've had 6 novels published and also made the switch from horror to crime. 

So, all in all, a fantastic week. I'm looking forward to coming genre weeks (not romance--I'll skip that one. lol). 

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