Cover make make or break a book. Truth be told, a great cover gets us to glance at the book, pick it up and read the back copy (blurb) to see if it is for us. 

Does it sound exciting? 

Does the language pop? 

Important questions. The same questions sound be asked of your cover.

Does it look exciting?

Does the image pop?

There are some shocking covers out there. Some are mine. LOL. But true. 

I always believed a cover should preview what the book is about. Recently, I've discovered that's not exactly true. There are a lot of legacy published titles that have awesome covers that have nothing to do with the story (mostly, not always. For example: T. M. Logan's covers --so far-- match the story). 

Let's look at a couple of examples: 


The links to these books are below (not aff links). Dancing girls is a beautiful cover.
Keeping in mind that all these book covers are stunning and seem not to relate that much to the story, I decided to pop over to Canva and see what I could create. 

I came up with these (including a Richard Lee title). Which ones do you like? 


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