Because of one author in the UK


Because of one author in the UK

So, I have been writing for many, many years. In my teenage years I was too much into sex, drugs and rock n roll. Nothing too heavy. This was New Zealand way back in the 80's. From 14-24, I barely wrote a word. A few short stories here and there. Stories that moved into a box and stayed there. I still have that box of work, but it is inaccessible as the storage key is lost and the government owner apartment in run by people who don't give a shit. (Gee, I thought I was over losing that box. Guess not.) Recently, I listened to R. R. Haywood's awesome book, A Town Called Discovery. And I noticed something. To confirm, and because I loved the book, I bought Extracted and listened to that (Review soon). I would like to thank R. R. Haywood for showing me something many books and YouTube videos couldn't.

How to move up to the next level. The thing that stalled me at the small press. It's a little thing, but to clean requires a lot of work and, at times, a heap of rewriting.

Fucking glue. Sticky words to be precise. What Mr. Haywood showed me (and a bunch of books never mentioned or brushed over) what a sentence could be. I've now started noticing this in other books. Mostly thrillers. So, I wrote a short story. I over-wrote and self edited. Then I opened Pro Writing Aid and hit sticky sentence review. 70%. That's bad. But I did over-write on purpose. The program highlighted all the sticky words. This is thinking cap time. Rewrite and cut and repeat. I got sticky down to 27%. Lost 600 words of the short story. Subbed it. Sold it. Yay me. That's 76 short stories now.

Also, Pro Writing Aid link is an aff link. Get 20% off, here. Help me pay for my human editor :-)

I have a lot of work to do in my Death World novel before I sent it out to agents. On a positive note, book 2 is brewing in my head. I have worked out the opening (it's a flash back but important), and I have a rough idea of a large chunk of the book. Still working out what happens from there.

I got the title (may change in the future but for now): Death World One Eight Oh.

Or Death World 180.

Why one eight oh? You'll need to read book one to find out.
It's the thing that ties the two books together.


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